Analysis of Muslim Fashion

A simple piece of clothing can give a specific look to a person. Islam has shown a particular way for modest dressing as stated in the Quran. In addition, Islam has provided the guidelines for the wearing of dresses for women.

History of Muslim fashion
The history of Muslim fashion reveals that men and women used to wear such simple clothings in Islam’s early era. There was a simple concept for wearing dresses. People usually used to wear a simple sleeved colorless shirt and a wrap for both of the genders.

Women used to wear more expansive dresses as compared to men according to the guidelines in Islam. Women used to wear long abayas and hijabs for complete coverage of their bodies. Women in Islam are required to cover their hairs and body from ankles to the neck. In the thirteenth century, both genders used to wear a simple dress with head covering. There was a difference between both genders, and that was women had to cover more of their bodies as compared to men.

Clothing in Muslim Fashion:
The clothing of Muslim fashion always depends on two primary sources, the Quran and the hadith. Muslim style of clothing includes dresses that cover the women’s body from ankles to neck and hairs. Some women also used to cover their faces.

Types of Muslim fashion:
There’s a wide range of clothing in Muslim fashion that women wear in Islam. Some of them are briefly described below.

“Hijab” is generally used to describe the dressing of Muslim women. Hijab is a piece of clothing used by women to cover their heads and hairs.

It is a type of Muslim fashion wearing. “Khimar” used to cover half of the body of women as well as women’s head and face veil.

“Abaya” is such a common fashion wear in Muslim fashion. Women wear abayas over their dresses when they go outside of their homes. An abaya dress usually covers the whole body of a woman. In addition, women pair headscarves and veils with abaya, since they help to cover women completely.

Another common wearing in Muslim fashion is known as “chaddar.” It is used by women to cover themselves from top of the head to feet without the veil.

Importance of Muslim fashion:
Muslim fashion plays a vital role in Muslim wearing’s in every era. Allah has given proper guidance regarding the Muslim style. There’s a great importance of hijab in Muslim fashion.
Hijab is most common in Muslim fashion. When women wear hijabs, they are highly regarded in Islam. On top of that, they get closer to Allah more because they follows the orders of Allah. A hijab symbolizes the connection of women with Allah and her faith.

Benefits of Muslim fashion:
Muslim fashion has many advantages as compared to other religion’s style. Firstly, the hijab gives protection to women from the impure sights of perverts around them. In addition, the hijab shows the purity of women.Notwithstanding, Muslim fashion signifies the inner beauty of Muslim women apart from her physical beauty.

Muslim fashion has great importance in Islam apart from halal food or eating at the best halal restaurants in london. Islam has given a modest way of style, that is simple and decent, but able to meet the modern era’s needs. In this regard, Muslim fashion can be considered on of the best fashion in the world.