Cost to Study in Singapore

Studying in Singapore is considered by many people around the world. This is because having a diploma in a university from Singapore is recognized in many countries. Singapore universities are recognized to be in top universities in the world. Aside from that, living in Singapore will be easier for many expats because 75% of the population of Singapore can speak English. In fact, many students take up English and maths tuition singapore has to offer from an early age to get good grasp of these subjects before they enter into universities. The mode of instructions in the universities are in English as well so as a student, it is not so difficult for you to adjust in communication.

But how much does it cost to study in Singapore? Tuition fees in Singapore will depend on which university you chose to study. Singapore Universities may have a relatively higher tuition compared to neighboring countries, but they also have public universities that are less expensive.

Tuition fees can reach up to 10,000 SGD per year or more, but Singapore government are subsidizing tuition fees, depending on your nationality. With subsidy, tuition fees can lower down up to 80% of the tuition fee. The main consideration for the price of your tuition is your nationality. In Singapore, the government subsidized the education of their residents and citizens. Prices may vary, depending on your status. Whether you are a citizen or a permanent resident.

For those non-Singaporean resident or citizen, they can also opt to apply for Ministry of Education Tuition grant. But bear in mind that if you are accepted in this tuition grant, you are required to work in Singapore for 3 years. Also, this tuition grant is much lower that those for residents and citizens.

Below are the top three universities in Singapore and how much is their estimated tuition fees.

National University of Singapore
National University of Singapore is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore. Based on the QS World University Rankings, it is the 11th top performing university in the world. For its tuition fee, the range is about 8,000 SGD to 30,000 SGD per year, depending on the course.

Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University ranked 3rd in all of the highest performing university in Asia. NTU takes pride with their engineering courses and material sciences. Tuition fee in NTU is not really far from the fees of NUS. Depending on your chosen course, the price range is from 8200 SGD to 35,000 SGD per year.

Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University is a known provider of education for fields of accounting, computer science, economics, laws and statistics. Comparing to the other two mentioned above, they are offering a more specialized range of subjects. The estimated cost for this university is around 11,000 SGD to 12,000 SGD per year.

Education is very important, and you would want to have the best education that an institution can provide. However, it is also important to realize that studying in these top universities are not cheap. Especially those private universities and if you are a foreigner in Singapore. It is always better to fund your education early on if you are planning to go to these universities.