Different Schemes Available for the Process to Apply for Singapore Permanent Resident

The population of Singapore is growing by the day and a significant chunk of this is made up of permanent residents (PR). Having a Singapore PR status entails a lot of benefits such as access to healthcare services, quality education, and public housing at subsidized rates. Permanent residents of the city-state can also take advantage of CPF savings and various personal tax rebates and reliefs. Permanent residency is also considered the intermediary step to Singaporean citizenship.

As far as the government is concerned, naturalization and permanent resident remain relevant to grow and diversity human capital and the population of the country. It is because of the aging population and low birth rate of Singapore. The city-state also grants PR status to about 30,000 eligible candidates every year. There are several avenues that you can try during the Process to apply for Singapore PR.

PTS or Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme
The Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers or PTS Scheme is the most popular and common scheme to become a Singapore PR. This allows professionals who work in the country under an EntrePass, PEP, or Employment Pass to apply for Singapore permanent residence.

GIP or Global Investor Program Scheme
Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower launched the initiative of GIP or Global Investor Program scheme. This is a program that caters to entrepreneurs and individuals who are interested to initiate or invest in new business activities in the country and obtain permanent resident status in Singapore during the process. Children and spouses of Singapore are eligible for the process to apply for Singapore permanent resident (PR.)

Foreign Artistic Talent or ForArts Scheme
The ForArts or Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme is the joint program of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the National Arts Council of Singapore. Its purpose is to attract artists with exemplary track records in music, dance, visual arts, theater, and literary arts to relocate to the city-state.

This particular scheme is meant exclusively for the artists in the fields of performing arts, literary arts, visual arts, design, or media. Potential candidates must have formal education and training relevant to the field of work, have relevant work achievements and experience, made substantial contributions to the arts scene of Singapore and have great and solid plans to advance the arts scene of the country. The NAC will process the application and applications will receive the outcome’s notification three months after the NAC has received all the supporting documents.

National Service Liability
Applicants are exempted from National Service if they are granted PR status under the Investor Scheme or the PTS scheme. Male children who acquired their PR status under the sponsorship of their parents are liable for National Service under Enlistment Act.

It is also expected of National Service-liable PRs to serve NS. Loss or renouncement of PR status without completing or serving full time NS will adversely affect future or immediate applications to study or work in Singapore or for Singapore PR or citizenship status. Males granted with Singapore PR who used to be Singapore PRs or citizens have the liability to be called up for National Service no matter the PR status type granted to them.