How to Save Money on Printer Price in Malaysia

Visit a big box retailer and you will soon end up drowned in an ocean of printers. With all the different deals and options available, consumers have the tendency to go for the cheapest printer price Malaysia has to offer, making other equally essential factors pushed to the back burner.

A lot of people often seem to think that if the unit comes at a cheap or decent price, the print quality, page yield, and cartridges must be as well. Today, most people are easily distracted and lured by aesthetics, especially now that many printers look stylish and sleek, preventing them from investing in a printer that will really fit their needs.

Here are some ways costs tend to add up during the lifespan of a printer:

Take Note of Cartridge and Printer Price
In general, cheaper printers use pricier cartridges. This makes them more expensive to maintain in the long run. For instance, let’s say you fell head over heels in love with a cheaply priced printer that looks like a good steal. It is an all-in-one machine, which means that it has scanning and copy capabilities aside from print. The unit is also wireless, using color and black printer ink cartridges alike and comes with a sleek looking color. Little did you know that it has one major downside, none other than the cost of its cartridges.

Brand new machines come with partially filled starter cartridges which is a very common practice for many printer manufacturers for you to get started. Soon enough, you must go back to the store to pay the full price for another set of high yield or standard cartridges.

After a single trip to the store, you have already spent almost the same amount that you paid for the printer price. At this rate, you will be much better off if you just buy a brand new printer whenever your ink has run out. This means that you should always consider the price tags of both the ink cartridge and the printer itself.

Look for a Printer Suitable for Your Needs
Today’s printers offer a long list of features and functions. First, you have to decide whether you will need a laser or inkjet printer. An inkjet printer is versatile, compact, and can print decent looking color photos and documents alike. Most of these printers also have all-in-one capabilities that let you print, fax, and scan with ease. Many of them also have a wireless feature and need several ink cartridges for your machine to continue running.

Meanwhile, laser printers are dubbed as the printing world’s workhorse. Commonly seen in offices, monochrome laser printers are the most popular, printing in white and black alone. For legal offices that print lots of documents where there is no need for color, it makes perfect sense to get a monochrome laser printer. These printers use toner cartridges for print production and while the toner’s cost itself is often pricier than inkjet cartridges, these can offer considerably long-term printing. Color laser printers suit offices with lots of colored prints but expect to spend money on four expensive toner cartridges instead of one.