Identifying Problems Muslim Travellers Face When Looking for Halal Restaurants and Muslim Friendly Amenities

The population of Muslims around the world has exceeded 1.6 billion people, and is expected to reach two billion people in the years to come. As more Muslims travel around the world, the first things they usually look for are halal restaurants, halal hotel london or other cities and eateries, and Muslim friendly amenities. They usually look for this information through online guides like, and other halal related websites. If you are a business owner that wishes to tap into the Muslim market, read on further to find out more.

What are the Real Problems Potential Muslim Travellers/ Customers/ Prospects Face?
This is a very important question any business owner should ask if he or she wishes to enter the Muslim market. When you are very aware of the problems potential Muslim travellers and customers face, you will be in a much better position to provide a more valuable solution to their problems.

For example, a Muslim traveller in a foreign country may ask himself or herself, “Where are the best halal restaurants near me? If you own a restaurant and wish to attract Muslim travellers, then you should consider making the restaurant halal certified, and advertise it on halal related websites and halal food blog sites.

In addition, when your business provides a solution to the Muslim travellers and customers’ problems, you are actually adding value to the customers. You are showing them that you have their best interests at heart, ahead of your own interests and that they are of utmost importance.

When the Muslim travellers and customers see this, they will be more willing to fork out their money. So, always remember that the greater the gravity of the problem you solve, the greater the amount of profits you will reap.

What are the Real Benefits that Muslim Consumers are Looking For?
The true reason – which can be said to be both emotional and logical – Muslim travellers and consumers want to buy from you – whatever it is you’re offering – is because you promise them that their life will be easier, better and happier (benefits) as a result of them giving their money to you in exchange for the value that you will give them. This is the real reason.

Attractive gimmicks may work for a while, but you’ll keep more lifetime Muslim customers if you truly understand this principle and implement it. People don’t want to buy from you if they think they will complicate their lives further because of it. People will only buy from you if they believe that their lives will be simpler – even if it’s a slight and trivial difference – as a result of your products or services.

Therefore, demonstrate the benefits that you offer that differentiate your product or service from the competition. Make sure you clearly describe what makes your business stand out and unique in the marketplace so as to attract more Muslim customers and reap better profits.

For example, if you run a hotel business, one of the ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and cater to Muslim consumers is by offering Muslim friendly accommodations. This can include prayer rooms, rooms with prayer mats and Qiblat direction, and of course meals that are halal in your hotel.