Interesting History of Ball Bearings in Singapore

Ultimate Guide to Ball Bearings
A ball bearing is a metal bearing that rotates on two spherical surfaces that are joined by an inner ring. It is made of steel, bronze, or iron. A ball bearing consists of two main components: the outer race and the inner race. For a single-row bearing, the outer race is typically made from steel while the inner one is made from either iron or nickel. A ball bearings uses less energy than other rotating devices when it rotates at low speeds and there are no losses in momentum.

Importance of Ball Bearings to Machines
Ball bearings are a key component of all kinds of industrial and construction machinery. Ball bearings are used in a wide range of applications like aircrafts, locomotives, ships and trains to reduce friction and improve performance. They also form the basis for all kinds of machine tooling. The bulk of ball bearing production is due to their availability in a wide range of sizes from 4mm up to 400mm. Ball bearings are a part of many industrial machines due to their ability to be smoothly and easily rotated as the machine moves. It is also possible for them to be used in self-balancing robots, which can walk or roll on uneven surfaces.

Introduction: What is the History of Ball Bearings in Singapore?
Ball bearings are the most important components in a machine. Their production history in Singapore is an intriguing story of how the country went from producing just a few hundred units per month to over 100,000 units per month. One of the first ball bearings was created by Sir Titus Salt in 1878, when he accidentally dropped a piece of paper on the floor of his kitchen and noticed that it rolled around without sticking or getting stuck. In 1879, this was improved with the invention of the symmetrical bearing which allowed for easier rotation with less friction caused by asymmetrical bearings. The first company to produce these ball bearings was J & L Babbitt Co., Ltd. founded by John and Louis Babbitt who were brothers and sons of Titus Salt.

The Constant Rise of the Ball Bearings Industry in Singapore
The ball bearing industry has been around since the 19th century but it has seen a lot of changes over time. From early days when there were no more than a few factories in Singapore to now with more than numerous factories running our days- that is quite an impressive increase. In fact, the ball bearing industry in Singapore has been in increase since the mid-2000s and, with technological advances like 3D printing and a demand for more niche products, the ball bearing industry has had a major boost.

A ball bearing is a cylindrical device that rotates on a stationary shaft, and are spherical pieces of metal that are used in various applications. They come in many different types and sizes. Ball bearings are everywhere – from the washing machine in your home, to airplanes and cars, to industrial machinery. There has been a long history of ball bearings in Singapore, and the industry has progressed very well along the years.