The History of Ball Bearings in Singapore

What is a Ball Bearing?
A ball-bearing is a set of two or more steel balls in a housing or cage. The balls are held in place by the inner race and outer race which are metal plates with spherical surfaces. The inner race can also be known as the rolling element, and the outer race as the supporting element. These races are separated by an air gap which allows the balls to rotate without coming into contact with each other. Ball bearings can be found in many different types of machines where they provide smooth rotational movement, mainly rotating shafts and linear motion, such as crankshafts, gears, camshafts, transmission shafts, and tappets.

Uses of Ball Bearings
Ball Bearings are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, the most common being automotive, aerospace, construction, machinery, and engineering. Ball bearings are a very common part in many industrial machines, such as turbines and centrifuges. They have four rollers around the circumference of the bearing to provide an even distribution of force across the outer surfaces, providing long lasting performance and durability. There are three main types of ball bearings: roller bearing, sealed ball bearing/rotating shaft bearing (RSB), and thrust bearings.

A Brief History of Ball Bearings in Singapore
The history of ball bearings in Singapore began in the early to mid 1800s. The first ball bearings in Singapore were made by the British engineer James Nasmyth. In 1869, a company was established to produce and sell ball bearings in Singapore. In 1870, the company started manufacturing ball-bearing spindles for use in engineering purposes and later on expanded its business to production of different types of ball-bearing machines. The earliest known reference to a machine using internal-gear support was from 1871 and it was manufactured by A & E Richards who also manufactured our first steam engine for the Straits Steamship Company.

How Much Has the Ball Bearing Industry Changed Over Time in Singapore?
The ball bearing industry has changed a lot over time. From the beginning of 1836, only a few small companies were involved in manufacturing ball bearings. By the middle of the 20th century, however, it had grown to become one of the world’s largest industries with numerous ball bearings factories in Singapore alone.

Ball bearings are used in many industrial applications such as automobiles, computer systems, and machinery. The demand for these bearings is also on the rise due to their use in renewable energy projects where high performance and low friction are required. Over the years, the ball bearing industry has seen many changes including new technologies and production methods. Today, various companies are producing hundreds of millions of bearings on a daily basis.

The ball bearing industry in Singapore has been changing a lot over the years. Initially, it was a small industry that mainly focused on metal balls and bicycle manufacturers. However, with the increased demand of ball bearings, there have been many developments in this field. With the development of new materials and manufacturing techniques, this industry has also become internationalized. If you are interested in obtaining some of the best ball bearings Singapore has to offer, then contact a trusted supplier such as SLS Bearings.