Tips to Avoid When Buying Curtains

One of the important elements to consider when decorating a room is your curtains or your blinds. This large fabric will either make or break the total aesthetic of your room, so it is best to choose your curtains wisely. Here are some tips on what NOT to do when you are buying your curtains singapore has to offer.

Do not guess the measurement of your curtains.
If you are having your curtains custom made, never guess the correct measurement of your curtains. This can lead to you spending money on curtains that you will not use. There are many standard sizes of curtains and blinds in the market. But again, it is never right to guess which of this is correct. Imagine all the hassle and money it will cause you by not having the correct measurement. So measure first, before getting these blinds and curtains.

Forcing a design of curtain in your room
As much as you love a certain design of a curtain, you have to compromise on the whole aesthetic that you want to achieve. Remember that this curtain, as mentioned above, is a large piece of fabric that will create a statement in your room. If it is not complimentary with other decors in your place, the whole vibe can be destroyed.  Always imagine how it will look, and what feel it would create before buying a certain design. There are many design app now that is available online so that you can somehow visualize the curtain and how it will look on your room.

Avoid colors that are not complementing each other
You don’t have to be so technical about this. You just need to know the basics of color theory. What matches what. Decide on the color scheme that you want. May it be a monochromatic scheme, or complementary colors, it’s up to you. You just want to avoid that the colors you use for your curtains will be out of scheme of the entire room. You must create a design that is harmonious with each other.

Not checking if the curtains are for “black out” purposes
There are certain curtains and blinds that are blocking the lights outside. It’s up to you if these are the kinds of curtain you want to use in your room. Read the label if you are buying a ready made curtain, if it will block out the light. Some prefer these, especially for those who are working at night and cannot sleep with light. There are also thin curtains, that does not necessarily blocks light, but can lessen the light coming in to your room. Choose according to your preference.
It is important to know what are your preference are when choosing curtains or blinds. You do not want something hanging on your room that looks totally misplaced to be there. Always read the measurements right. Do not be confused with the units, especially if you are ordering them online. Always read the specifications to. Curtains are not simply about the design, it also about it’s function.