Top Corporate Gift Ideas

Apart from treating employees to halal food in hong kong or meals in other restaurants, giving gift in a corporate world is another usual practice. Whether it is for the client or for the employees, giving gifts has been part of the corporate world. It helps to build a good rapport between management and employees or between the company and the client.

There are so many gift ideas that you can give to your employee or your client. You can search through the web for funny gifts  or you can have a supplier that will curate a gift set for you. In other words, ideas for gifts to give are there, you just have to be creative.

But what are the items that is said to be a bad idea to give as a corporate gift? Remember that a corporate gift brings the name of the company. Although there are so many items out there that can be given as a corporate gift, there are also items that are a big no-no as a corporate gift. Here are some examples.

Gifts that are way too expensive
It is understandable that you want to impress a client, and you want to give them a good gift. But bear in mind that giving a gift that is too expensive might have another implications for them. They might think of it as a bribe or a pressure, depending on their point of view. You want to avoid being called as corrupt company because you are splurging so much on gifts.

Many companies these days are practicing declaring of gifts, to make sure that all gifts given to the client under company’s name are within a reasonable price. This is a good practice, because in this way, gifts are being declared and shall be approved by the management before it will be received or given.

Gifts that are too cheap or cheap looking
As mentioned earlier, you want to impress your clients and giving them cheap item would not impress them at all. Buying them cheap or cheap looking gifts can have an impression that you are not taking them seriously. Or you are not serious about having a business relationship with them. They might also think that the budget are not being used properly. Which can make them lost their trust in your company. It maybe sound materialistic but remember that these gifts are given to represent a company. To build a strong relationship and a good rapport between the company and the client.

Items that are not sensitive to other people’s belief
We all have different views on things. We all have different beliefs. You have to consider this when giving a gift to a client. The last thing you want to do is to offend your client by giving them an insensitive gift because you have failed to do your research. You are giving this gifts to build a good relationship, and if you will offend them with these gift, all your effort will just go in to waste.

Over-all, if you are giving a corporate gift, you have to be conscious with the items you want to give. These gifts will bring your company’s name. Give your clients a good impression to build a good and lasting relationship.